Wedding Packages

The Wedding Package

Wedding Rehearsal:

Our package includes use of the property for the wedding rehearsal prior to the event for up to 2 hours. 

  • The rehearsal must be scheduled with your Misty Shores Wedding Specialist in advance due to multiple weekend weddings and other possible events. Thursday evenings can also be scheduled for the rehearsal or the morning of the ceremony.  
  • An MS Wedding Specialist will be available to greet the wedding party and family as they arrive, be available to answer any questions, and assist the bride, groom, and Officiate to choreograph the ceremony to ensure a flawlessly executed ceremony on the wedding day.
  • We request that a Thursday or Friday night rehearsal start around 5:00pm or close to this time to ensure the rehearsal is conducted in a timely manner.  If any member of the bridal party plans to arrive earlier than 5:00pm, the main contact needs to inform their MS Wedding Specialist of their arrival time and plans.  If there is a Friday wedding, the rehearsal will be conducted on a Thursday or Saturday.

Wedding Day Property Access:

the wedding party and family members, as well as vendors hired to assist the bride and groom on their wedding day will be given access to the property the day of the wedding.  Standard arrival is 10:00am, unless there is an early wedding time, then an early arrival can be coordinated with your IPG Event Planner.  Please note that Misty Shores has a cafe and wine shop that are open to the public during the day before ceremonies. Please make an appointment or coordinate your arrival with your MS Wedding Specialist.  Both the cafe and wine shop close to the public during weddings.

Bridal Changing Room:

The bride and the bridesmaids are provided access to the bridal changing room with mirrors, vanity, hanging rack for gown and dresses, and a full bathroom with a shower.  Cabins are available for overnight rental by members of the bridal party and the family.  Reservations for cabin rentals must be made in advance. 

Grooms Changing Room:

The Groom’s room is furnished with items necessary for the groom and the groomsmen to get ready and simply relax.  Including wall mounted large-screen TV and refrigerator.

Wedding Choreography Services:

Your MS Wedding Specialist will be responsible for the choreography of the wedding ceremony with the couple and the Officiate.  During the Rehearsal, the couple will share with the MS Wedding Specialist their desires for the ceremony, and she will choreograph the event based on those instructions; such as, showing the groomsmen and bridesmaids where they will be positioned before the ceremony, ensuring all the guests are seated before the bridal procession, assisting the ushers in seating the grandparents, timing the ceremony music, vocalists, violinists, etc., and assisting all other vendors to ensure a smooth, flawless ceremony.

Ceremony Seating:  

Misty Shores provides elegant seating for the ceremony guests based on the number of attendees for all three ceremony locations on the property.  In case of rain and poor weather conditions, the ceremonies scheduled Lakeside can be moved to The Vintage Loft located on the second floor of the Historic Dutch Hoop Barn of the Misty Shores venue.

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