Expectations of the Wedding Party and their guests:

  • All alcohol must be served by the Misty Shores professional bartending staff
  • All receptions will end no later than 11:00pm.
  • All DJ’s must be professional disc jockeys and they must sign a contract that they will obey the following rules:
    • All music and sound from equipment must end by 11:00pm
    • DJ’s are NOT allowed to drink while working the reception
    • All equipment owned by the DJ must be packed up and taken by the DJ at the end of the reception
    • With respect to our close neighbors, all sub-woofers must be avoided
    • Music must be kept at 70 decibels and monitored throughout the evening as mandated by Ripley Township
    • Everyone is expected to respect the grounds and property by not littering, not throwing cigarette or cigar butts on the lawn or in the vineyard, and not walking through flower beds.
    • No one is permitted to stray from the designated grounds onto other private property
    • Parents of small children are expected to keep an eye on their children always to ensure they don’t wonder into the forest or fall into the lake.


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • To officially book Misty Shores for a wedding, both partners getting married must sign the Misty Shores Wedding Rental Contract and provide a deposit check of $1,000. 
  • Payments can be made throughout the year leading up to the actual wedding date.
  • Final payment is due one month prior to the wedding date.  (No exceptions)
  • Once a couple has signed a contract and paid their $1,000 deposit, any cancellations before the event date will result in forfeit of the entire deposit.