Reception Package:

The reception package includes all the items listed above, plus the following:

Historic Dutch Hoop Barn’s Vintage Loft:

The second floor of our Historic Dutch Hoop Barn that we have named “The Vintage Loft” provides a breathtaking open-air space with 30 foot ceilings made of wood and the entire space is an impressive 2,500 square feet (70 x 40).  The floor of The Vintage Loft has a restored hard-wood floor that is the original wood.  The finished wooden floor provides our couples and guests with safe, secure flooring for dancing and walking.  The Vintage Loft is used for all aspects of the reception: the dinner, the DJ, the cake, the bar, the dance floor, and the ceremony if the couple chooses. The loft area will accommodate 200 plus people including tables.  The attached 25 x 16 open-air, second-floor deck will accommodate 75 people and can be used as the area for the Cocktail Hour before the dinner begins.  The Vintage Loft is a one-of-a-kind space that will keep your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.  


Event Coordination Services:

At Misty Shores we understand how much planning and how many details there are to a wedding and reception.  That’s why we provide a wedding specialist to help you every step of the way.  Once you book with Misty Shores, you will meet three times throughout the time before your wedding date to ensure every detail is in place for your perfect day. 

Your Misty Shores Wedding Specialist will work with all vendors -- photographers, cake deliverer, florist, etc. -- to ensure they know the location of the property and that they have everything they need for set up (electricity, storage, etc). Your MS Wedding Specialist can work with you to find the right vendors that match your style and preferences if you need help. 

Bartending Services:

Misty Shores provides the bar tenders for your Cocktail Hour and Reception.  The couple will select the wines they want served from the Shores Wine Shop.  Any beer or other alcohol, sodas, tea, etc. will be purchased by the couples and provided to the Misty Shores bar tender two days prior to the wedding. 

Reception Tables and Chairs:

Tables, chairs, and linens are provided by Misty Shores as part of your overall Wedding Package.  Couples are given the chance to help design the flow and theme of their reception if they wish, or this can be done by the venue staff.  Your Misty Shores Wedding Specialist will assist you in selecting the type and size of table you want your specific reception configuration along with the linens and napkin colors. 

Professional Catering:

Misty Shores has a full-time professionally trained chef on staff that prepares all food for all our events and for our Gardens Cafe.  Our chef will sit down with you once you book your date and help you customize the perfect Cocktail Hour and dinner menu based on your food preferences and theme.  Rather you select a full sit-down dinner or buffet style, our professional banquet staff will set up everything for you so you can enjoy your day. 

Decorations and Flowers:

We give each of our couples’ choices in planning their decoration details.  Here are various options to choose from:

  • Bring your own decorations and allow the Misty Shores staff to set them up for you
  • Hire a professional florist to make the table arrangements for you and our staff will set them on the tables
  • Hire Misty Shores to do all the table decorations based on your specifications
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